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Sometimes your circuit can have way too many wires laying in parallel to each other. In such cases you may want to combine them in one bundle. In order to do this you can use splitter which allows you to combine many wires together or split the bundle to separate wires.
Before you drag and drop splitter to your circuit you need to choose bit width of the combined end, number of pins on the divided end, and rotation of the splitter. Let’s say you’ve chosen 8 bit width and 4 pins. That mean each pin on the split side will be a bundle of 2 bits so you can bundle other bundles.
More over input and output pins, constants, RAM and ROM elements all support such bundles connected to them. But you have to specify how many bits bundled together or bit width you need. In order to do these in the edit mode just double click the element and the property dialog will pop up. It is going to be a bit width drop down there that allows you to choose it.
Probe also supports bundles but it is detecting the bit width automatically so you don’t need to manually change it.

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